Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pre-Departure Excitement

Especially after our orientation at Lexington Market yesterday, I'm excited for our trip to Uganda.  Not only cant I wait to see parts of Uganda, but I'm also looking forward to reflecting on my own reactions towards what I see, reflecting on other people's reactions, to hopefully grow as a person.

One of the main reasons I am so excited about this trip is because we are traveling as a group of university students and will be in a university setting for part of our stay, a lens through which I have not yet experienced an African nation.  I am especially looking forward to our Skype conversation with our Makarere student later today, and to finally meet our Ugandan counterparts on Friday.  The theme focus-groups, matching two Hopkins students with one Makarere student is the aspect of the trip that has really drawn me in, as we will hopefully be able to exchange a local and our own perspective on the sights we see, that allows us to gain a more balanced understanding of the local situation, while building lasting relationships with our Ugandan partners.

This trip will be successful.  I know it.

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