Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Almost there...

Woah, so this is actually happening.  The reality of travelling to Uganda and being immersed in a new and completely foreign culture is finally beginning to set it.  I don’t think it will fully “hit me” until I take my first steps on Ugandan ground, but the prospect of the experiences I am about to undergo is more than stimulating enough.  I’ve always imagined going to an exotic country, observing their society and studying something—whether it was in the ream of public health, architecture, or anthropology, I wasn’t sure—but I never thought it would happen this soon.  As each day – hour – minute – passes I am ever closer to embarking on a journey with 13 near-strangers that I know I will remember for a lifetime.  A feeling of nervousness, excitement, worry, and happiness is flowing through my bloodstream as the idea of turning those near-strangers into good friends, fostering bonds with students in Africa, and creating memories that I’ll never forget pulses through my mind.  Only one more day of orientation and a long day of travel to go until everything really begins to get real

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