Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Late Night Packing and Pondering

     It almost seems fitting that it would snow on the first day of our orientation for a three week stay in Uganda. It feels really strange to be packing my suitcase again after I unpacked it just three days ago, but that's the life of jet-setting college student. While I told myself that I would leave lots of room in my suitcase, it seems that it is fuller now than it was when i came home from winter break. I am glad to say that the greatest amount of the bulk are presents for my host family and an over sized sleeping bag. Hopefully by the time the rural home-stay in Rakai comes to a close I'll have more space in suitcase for all of the souvenirs that I hope to bring back home with me.
     As far as the pre-departure orientation goes, I am truly excited to be working with this group of students. We all come from different walks of life and I already can see that everyone has many different things to offer on the trip. I have made some friends already from this first day, and cannot wait to get to know the rest of the students from JHU and MU. Today's exercises really helped to put me in the right mind-set for traveling to Uganda. I hope that I can remember to leave judgement behind and just embrace all that I can while one the trip.
    Now that I am finished packing and quickly running out of coherent sentences, I will end my post here as I take the very first of my anti-malarial pills. Only two more days til this adventure begins! I can't wait!

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